Posted on: August 17, 2010 1:45 pm

Exhibition Games

I've yet to figure out why people think exhibition games don't matter.  Sure, they don't count towards any sort of record and really, the teams you play are pretty much a joke (Windsor REALLY?!).  But any true basketball fan, regardless of who they cheer for, loves watching their team play.  Personally, I just want to see what the new team looks like, how they gel together, what are prospects for this year look like.  Was I worried that we were going to lose?  Not even a little bit.  But was I jumping up and down yelling at the tv like this was March?  Of course.  Because regardless of the game, I love basketball.  I don't care if it's August or April, I'm going to get into the game, and I think any true basketball fan will say the same thing. 

Random Kentucky fact: Last time Kentucky played an exhibition game in Canada was in 1996.  They won the National Championship that year. 
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